Among your group of friends, you are known as the most responsible, and you would never do anything to put someone's life in jeopardy. Sadly, mistakes happen, and a series of unfortunate events have turned your morning mimosa into what feels like a lifetime of humiliation and pain. Whether you unexpectedly got called to pick your kids up from school or you just didn't think you had one too many on date night, getting a DUI is the last thing you ever expected to happen. While you can't erase the past, take the same advice you would give to your kids and start focusing on getting your life back together again.

Get Over The Guilt

Moms are known for carrying a lot of guilt when they have so many responsibilities. Why add one more thing to the list? You made a mistake, which is bound to happen to everyone now and then. Instead of feeling guilty, ask for forgiveness from your loved ones. Then, ask for their support. As you begin to let go of the guilt, you will pave the way to take action to protect yourself from the long-term consequences of a DUI.

Seek Strong Representation

Although it might have been your first DUI, it is important to know that most states have enacted harsh laws to prevent people from doing it again. Therefore, legal representation is necessary to avoid things such as extended jail time, stiff fines, and having a DUI on your record that interferes with future employment and volunteer opportunities. Find a DUI defense lawyer that is experienced with your type of case, and allow them to guide you through the stress of dealing with the court proceedings. Contact a professional like R. Patrick McPherson Attorney At Law for more info.

Take Steps to Prevent It Happening Again

Sometimes a DUI is a wake up call that gives you a chance to take a serious look at your life. If you feel that it was only a matter of time before you got caught driving under the influence, then it may be necessary to seek help through substance abuse treatment. For what is seriously a one-time event, make a game plan for your next outing to keep it from happening again. Create a list of three alternate modes of transportation home before going out, and call someone if you know that you have had even one drink too many.

Now that you're safely at home, it can feel like being thrust into a whole new world when you have a criminal offense. By surrounding yourself with the right types of support, you will emerge from this moment stronger and more aware of how to take back control of your future.