If your son or daughter is under the age of 21 and he or she has been arrested for a DWI, you might be surprised to learn that even a small amount of alcohol in their system is enough to result in an arrest and/or conviction. That is true even if their blood alcohol level, or BAC, was not at the legal limit since minors are not legally able to or consume liquor in most states, under the majority of circumstances. Therefore, it's important for every parent of a minor who has recently been arrested or ticketed for driving under the influence of alcohol in the United States to be aware of the following information:

Understanding Why The Results Of A Glass Of Wine Or Wine Cooler Can Be So Significant 

One common concern from parents of minors is that the consumption of a small amount of alcohol can have such a reverberating impact on teenagers. However, that concern is often associated with the knowledge that a single beer or weak wine beverage is rarely enough to impact the reaction time of an adult. In comparison, the law is more likely to consider that since consuming alcohol without parental or spousal permission is illegal in every state, the ramifications of doing so and then driving should be correspondingly serious. In addition, teenagers are at the highest risk of car accidents and having any alcohol in their system can make the possibility of an accident even more likely.   

In addition, The National Highway Designation Act of 1995 requires that in order for any state to access Federal-Aid Highway Funds, they must first consider any person under the age of 21 who has a blood alcohol level of 0.02% to be driving under the influence. Each state also has the right to do so at an even lower level. Given that just two 12-ounce beers can raise a 100-pound person's BAC to above that limit, it's easy to see why so many teens are at risk of losing their driving privileges and admittance to the university of their choice due to a mistake.

Knowing What You Can Do To Address The Problem

Although drinking under the influence of alcohol, or any other drug, is a serious offense that should not be minimized, it is possible that an experienced DWI attorney may be able to prevent your child's mistake from destroying their dreams of a happy future. The lawyer will be able to look at the circumstances of the arrest, your child's academic or previous criminal records and other pertinent details in order to create a strong defense or to ask for leniency from the courts.

In some states, diversion programs for youths exist in order to provide minors with counseling, supervision and a better understanding of their actions. Eligible offenders who complete the program, which can be compared favorably to community supervision and probation, will often be granted the opportunity to not have the formal criminal charges brought against them. Alternatively, the DWI lawyer might be able to negotiate a reduction of the criminal charges against them. Regardless, it is essential to choose the right DUI attorney as soon as possible after the event in order to give your son or daughter the best chance of a speedy and fair outcome.      

In conclusion, many teenagers in the United States face the possibility of criminal charges every year and then getting behind the wheel, although few would do so if they were aware of their intoxicated status and the ramifications associated with the crime. If your son or daughter is in that difficult situation now, it is crucial for you to discuss the above facts with a DWI attorney in order to have a reasonable expectation of what might happen in the coming months.

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