People who are convicted of drunk driving in American think the punishments for the crime are unreasonable. However, the consequences defendants face in the US are nothing compared to how other countries treat people who are caught driving while intoxicated. Here are to examples that will have you feeling grateful for your state laws.

1. Your Spouse Joins You in Jail in Malaysia

In Malaysia, drunk driving isn't as much of problem as it is in other countries and not because the country is a dry nation. People in Malaysia drink just as much as folks in other countries. However, the Malaysian government found that spreading the pain of getting caught behind the wheel of a vehicle intoxicated to friends and family members of the offender is an effective way of keeping defendants in line.

Specifically, if a person is married and caught drinking and driving, his or her spouse will go to jail too, even if the husband or wife was nowhere near the vehicle when the defendant was caught. As you can imagine, this can make for some interesting dinner conversation when the two are released from jail. If the defendant is not married, it's not unusual for government officials to make other members of the person's family (e.g., parents, siblings) join the individual in jail as a substitute.

In America, only the person who committed the crime is held responsible for his or her actions. It should be noted, though, that a DWI conviction can impact every area of your life, so your friends and family members may feel like they're being punished too when the consequences of your drunk driving affect them (e.g., they have to drive you around because you don't have a license). Thus, it's best to fight a DUI charge as hard as you can to avoid this outcome.

2. You Won't Live to See Another Day in El Salvador

El Salvador is known for many things, such as its excellent coffee. What it's not known for is the high numbers of repeat drunk driving offenders. That's because people who are caught driving while intoxicated the first time don't get a second chance to do it again. The punishment for a DWI is severe, swift, and fatal; you will be placed in front of a firing squad and shot. Talk about the ultimate deterrent.

You won't be sentenced to death if you're convicted of a DUI in your state, but you will face significant consequences if you hurt or kill someone while driving drunk. In addition to fines and being sued by the family for damages, you could be put in jail for a long, long time, which may make you feel like your life has ended.

If you're arrested for a DUI, contact a DWI attorney as soon as possible to begin putting together a defense that may help you avoid or lessen the punishment you face if you are convicted.