If you drive for a living, a speeding ticket could affect your ability to remain gainfully employed, especially if you were pulled over for speeding while driving a company vehicle. To keep in good standing with your company, it's crucial to fight a speeding ticket. One way to do this is by filing a motion of discovery so you can see the evidence the law enforcement officer has against you as well as build your case. Here's what you want to request. 

Type of Radar or Laser Device & Maintenance Records 

Various types of radar and laser devices are used by law enforcement in their search for speed limit violators. Some devices are more problematic than others and don't provide an exact reading, especially when they have not been calibrated. In your motion of discovery, ask for the type of device the officer used and for all of the maintenance and repair records of that particular device. 

When you get the records, download and print out the user manuals online or request them from the manufacturer. Hire a lawyer to study these documents for issues that can result in a reduced charge or, hopefully, a thrown-out case. 

Officers Training Records & Disciplinary Reports 

When you file a motion of discovery, include in it that you are requesting copies of the officer's training records, and certification and test results for the specific device used to measure your speed. Perhaps the officer had missed crucial training or barely passed their tests for certification to use the device that measured your speed. Also, ask for disciplinary reports and mental health evaluations. An officer who is already toeing the line with his or her superiors may not show up at the hearing once they learn that you have their records and are fighting the speeding ticket. 

Officer's Copy of the Speeding Ticket & Report 

Compare the officer's copy of the speeding ticket with the copy you were given. Any changes in the ticket should be brought to your lawyer's attention. Depending on the protocols in place in the jurisdiction, the officer may be required to fill out a report for each ticket they give throughout each shift. Sometimes, they wait until later in their shift or at the end of their shift to fill out this paperwork, which can lead to discrepancies that you may be able to use to your advantage when you fight the speeding ticket in court. 

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