Auto accidents can be a scary and frustrating experience. In addition to the physical damage, you also have to deal with injuries. You always need to be checked out by a doctor after an accident, even if you don't feel any pain initially. Some people choose to skip receiving medical care because they feel not pain right away. The following are some things to keep in mind before you opt out of a medical evaluation:

Your Pain May Appear Later

Many people do not initially feel any pain after an accident. This is not because no injury exists, but because of the rush of adrenaline throughout the body. An adrenaline rush happens whenever your body experiences a fight or flight response to an emergency. Once the rush is over, you will then begin to notice the pain.

Just because you do not feel hurt does not mean you could not be suffering from a debilitating injury that will affect you later on. If you see a doctor right away for immediate treatment, you will have a better prognosis than if you had not.

You Need Medical Records

Another important reason to seek medical care after an auto accident is so you can have a clear record of your injuries. Medical records are crucial to your case if you intend to seek compensation for your damages. An insurance company will want to seek clear evidence your injuries are a direct result of your accident and not from another source. Your medical records will play into how much money you will receive in compensation.

You Risk Receiving No Compensation

If you do not get a medical follow-up after an auto accident, you could end up with little to nothing for compensation. If you are hurt and you let them go without treatment, the insurance company will make the claim that your injuries could have come from a different source after your accident. Because you have no proof of when the injuries occurred, you could receive no money for medical care. You can still proceed to claim for the physical damage to your property.

If you are hurt in an auto accident, you need to seek immediate medical care. If you do not want to go to the hospital in an ambulance, at least have someone drive you to the hospital, an urgent care facility, or your personal physical for an examination to make sure you are healthy and provide you with a record of your injuries. Then work with an auto accident attorney to build a good case for the correct amount of compensation.